Regulation and other conditions at the base of the contract



As part of each description of the structures are given general indications about the location of the structure, through the specification of the distances in kilometers from the nearest centers; are also set out the main features of the structure, the conditions at the basis of the period of stay and unit prices; all other information (such as addresses, phone numbers and the exact route to take to reach their destination) will be provided at booking is complete.



The procedures governing the stay are defined according to the conditions and terms of accommodation imposed by the hotel. “The Filomena SaS” is committed to maintaining the catalog proposed thoroughly updated. Certain services are only available at certain times of the year. All special requests are to be sent by the client at the time of booking, and may be subject to specific agreements, provided that it is possible to implement.



If data provided in the individual descriptions and relative to the surface (blanket), the size of the gardens, parks, swimming pools, etc. have a value orientation.


D) PEOPLE Hostable

When booking customers must enter into the booking form all the names and ages of residents. It is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of persons allowed, explicitly mentioned in the catalogs. Any changes to that effect must be agreed. “The Filomena SaS” must be informed and must approve any replacement or augmentation of guests during their stay, concordandolo with the owner who will be obliged to charge any supplements. In case of failure by the customer the owner reserves the right to remove guests from the excess property. Customers are not allowed to accommodate people not provided during the stay, even for short periods of time.



The structures, except different specifications, all have the following minimum equipment: water (hot and cold), refrigerator, kitchenette, toilets and basic accessories for the kitchen (where applicable), linen in sufficient quantity for the maximum number of people agreed for booking. Additional amenities than the guaranteed minimum equipment or facilities may not in line with the minimum provision guaranteed marked accordingly. In the catalog, each structure is described in detail in its structure by means of a separate information sheet, where they will find all the services included in the price and paid services. In some cases, the signs are not rigid and it is possible, at the customer’s request and for a fee, get limited additions, in particular regarding additional beds.



Typically the duration minimia intended stay is one week (seven nights) or otherwise, where specified, for periods of at least three days. As a rule stays are defined in weeks or multiple weeks; it is still possible, upon request and confirmation of the structures, obtain special conditions of life. The stay period normally starts on Saturday afternoon and ends on Saturday morning. As a rule, subject to special rules, you will arrive in the interval between 15.00 and 19.00 on Saturday afternoon, while the departure the accommodation must be vacated on Saturday morning no later than noon 10:00, in order to facilitate the cleaning before the guests later. Later arrivals are to be communicated to “Filomena Sas” in due time. In case of failure to notify the owners are not required to wait for the customer after 19.00. Before departure, the customer must contact the owner of the property compulsorily or representative for the return of keys and to allow the checks and controls of the property in the presence of the customer. Upon arrival, guests must present the voucher entry. In respect of the Italian law, the owner or his representative is authorized to request documents to verify the identity of the residents, to fill out registration forms to be provided to local authorities.



“The Filomena SaS” builds a relationship with their customers on the principles of transparency. The indications on prices can be promptly reported in the tabs relative to the Houses of the structure. Prices quoted for each household are defined generally for stays of a week and are variable depending on the house, the type of conformation and based on the number of beds that you will require. Additional changes of linen – apart from the one supplied on arrival – during the week of stay are performed upon request, for payment; the supply of linen is included in the basic price only in reason of a change per week, unless otherwise stated in the card. Cleaning costs and other optional services are established in the “prices” and are specified from time to time. Where you can use the phone or Internet service, the cost is typically measured and the bill is paid at the end of the stay, along with the other costs. All prices in catalog are in Euros, they refer to the rates and the information we have, therefore, the same could undergo some changes, changes that will not be applied on existing bookings. The accommodation rates are structured for weeks or multiple weeks; in some cases, explicitly mentioned, you can get reservations for periods of less or greater; any discount terms or facilitation are possibly contained in the card or are negotiable directly before booking at particularly long stays.



In each description is accurate if it is allowed the presence of pets. If not explicitly specified, pets are considered not accepted. If it were allowed, return the booking form the number, gender, race and size of the animals reporting all data at the time of booking. The Filomena reserves the acceptance or not.



The facilities are cleaned before arrival. The Buyer shall leave the premises in order and clean condition acceptable. And ‘the customer’s responsibility to deal with the garbage removal unless there is a different indication. And ‘possible, upon advance request and payment of a fee to be paid locally to request a cleaning service fee.



Upon arrival you will be provided a complete set of linens. For stays longer than a week, change of linen is included in the price, except different specifications. And ‘possible, upon advance request and payment of a fee to be paid locally to request a change of underwear extra.



The season when the pools are open is usually included in the period from May to September. For the entire structure is specified the period in which you can enjoy the pool. The pools do not have a supervisor / lifeguard and the use made of it is a responsibility and risk of the customer. The pools are to be used only by persons required for the stay and people able to swim. Minors may use them exclusively in the presence and under the supervision of adults. “The Filomena SaS” take no responsibility for damage to property or personal injury resulting from an accident or fatality. It ‘up to the owner to deal with the manutezione pool and garden. Days and times will be agreed with the customers themselves.



The agreed amount for the stay does not include either the deposit or transaction costs, which will be paid as follows: (a) ancillary costs will be paid for the part immediately quantifiable; the remainder (usually relative to consumption) will be paid at the time of departure; (b) at the time of payment of the balance of the holiday, the property or his representative will ask, contextually, the payment of a sum to deposit (variable depending on the size of the property or the value of the furnishings) which amount will be returned, always by bank, within 5 days from the date of the end of the stay deducting the cost of any damage, after final inspection. In this regard, guests are welcome to use with care the properties (see handbook of the guests). Typically the amount required by way security is found in the data relative to the property. This sum may also be used by the owner to keep costs not predictable a priori, for example in correspondence with not only of any damage from risarcirsi but also thorough cleaning fees or costs for repairs solely attributable to the use made by customers in the period of residence . In this regard, customers are encouraged, although not required to carry out cleaning, to leave when leaving the house in acceptable conditions of cleanliness.



Personal data and all other elements gathered by our Company during the course of the assignment, will be subject to a bond of secrecy and will be treated with respect for privacy and personal rights through the systematic application by us of special protection measures warranty and is prepared for the treatment of paper and electronic data and measure of the specific data itself (simple personal or sensitive data or judicial). Pursuant to and for the purposes of the Legislative Decree no. 196/03 we inform the customer that his data will be processed only for purposes determined by the contractual relationship for these purposes (including accounting and administrative).



The structure and the company “La Filomena SaS” is developed in order to provide a quality service. Any complaints will be used systematically to improve the quality of services offered. Should you experience poor service, customers are invited to challenge without delay any problems found on site. In this regard will be highly appreciated the suggestions, comments and tips that guests who have made use of the facilities will want to send us.


The staff of “The Filomena SaS” wishes you a good holiday !!!



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